Construction Defect Practice
Defective Construction Products

Manufacturers and sellers (including distributors and suppliers) of construction products are supposed to ensure that their products are not defective or dangerous to users or their property.  Companies must provide proper warning if any part of their product is unsafe or presents risks. Much of the damage to structures caused by defective construction products, such as leaky windows and prematurely failing shingles, could have been avoided had manufacturers designed better products and, along with the sellers of those products, properly warned users of product risks or limitations.

For over 20 years, our firm has litigated in federal and state courts to obtain compensation for people injured by defective construction products.  These cases have included defective MDF (medium density fiberboard) siding and trim; defective windows and doors (that leak); prematurely failing shingles (that blister, crack, and suffer granule loss); defective EIFS (synthetic stucco); defective traditional (3/4”) and proprietary (3/8”) stucco systems; defective pressure treated wood (that corrodes the fasteners); and other products.

Decisions/settlements from some of the claims we have litigated are listed below.

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